Who are we?

Equityhub iRFPsearch is the innovative company behind the world’s #1 comprehensive intelligence database that allows you to generate business opportunities and research potential RFP’s and Investors— there’s no infrastructure to buy, no set up, or no management — you just log in and get to work.

Powered by Equityhub Group and it’s conglomeration of global financial services companies, iRFPsearch delivers the most comprehensive intelligence to your fingertips. iRFPsearch is managed by a group of industry professionals at Equityhub Group who have teamed up to continuously research the industry to pull together this extensive database.

What do we deliver?

Simply put…we offer three directories on one platform for one price. 

iRFPsearch delivers comprehensive intelligence with access to three databases:

Using iRFPsearch can help you grow your assets or business. Our comprehensive intelligence database is by far the most efficient and effective digital tool used for generating solid business opportunities. Having access to so many potential RFPs and institutional clients allows you to focus your time and efforts on opportunities that are a perfect fit, providing a more strategic advantage at potentially winning business.

What does the database contain?

Four Databases, One platform, One price:

  • RFP Database includes past and present “Request for Proposals” for investment professionals, legal, accounting, and management.
  • Investor Database includes pension funds, family offices, foundations, endowments, and consultants.
  • Fund Database includes hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity, and venture capital.
  • RIA Database include U.S. and foreign based registered investment advisors.

Our robust database contains thousands of institutional profiles including key contacts, consulting firms, RFPs and other key data- all integrated and easily accessible to assist you win business more strategically. Research potential, new and completed pension and nonprofit fund sponsor mandate data from around the world.